Number Rumble 2020

Number Rumble is the most fun math competition of the year for all elementary schoolers in grades 1-4. 

Sign up your class, and you can use 10Monkeys Math World learning program for free during the whole competition time. It is a fun way to learn math and you can win great prizes every week!

COMPETITION TIME: 24/2-24/4 2020


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Free Math Program

Participation in Number Rumble is completely free. By signing up you get the 10Monkeys Math World math program. 

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Number Rumble 2020 Main Prize

10Monkeys Math World for the whole school and a $1,500 gift card from Amazon.

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Win great weekly prizes!

Every week lucky weekly winners are drawn from the ten most active classes from both categories, with one winner from each category.
The weekly winners can choose between two prize alternatives. 

Alternative 1

Soft Emoji Key Rings, 32 Pack

Emojis let us express our feelings using just one simple image! This set includes 32 cool and cute emoji key rings. A nice keepsake for the students to remember their participation in Number Rumble.


Alternative 2

Large Rope Quoits

This Rope Quoits game challenges children and their friends. The game requires a good throwing hand, so that the rope quoits find their target. Practise makes perfect also in this game!



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The size of the class doesn't affect your chances of winning. However, a class or a team should have a minimum of 5 or more students. If you have less than 5 students in your class, you can combine two classes into one team.

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Please note that the Number Rumble competition is aimed at grades 1-4.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire children to learn mathematics and encourage the use of digital materials in elementary schools.

Let's get inspired about math and the use of technology in teaching!

What is Number Rumble all about?

Only Enthusiasm Counts

Number Rumble is a national math competition for students in grades 1-4. In this competition, only enthusiasm counts. Play during the competition and win!

Win a $150 Amazon gift card

Invite colleagues from your school or from a neighbouring school to join the competition. A $150 GIFT CARD TO AMAZON WILL BE DRAWN among those who have invited their colleagues to join!

How do I get the math program?

All registered classes can use the 10Monkeys Math World math learning program for free during school hours, 7 am - 2 pm, on weekdays. One week before the competition starts, you will receive login details to 10Monkeys Math World and instructions on how to get started. These will be sent to the email address you gave us when you registered. 

10Monkeys Math World can be used with desktops, laptops, tablets and interactive whiteboards.

Weekly Prizes

Classes compete in two categories to win weekly prizes. The categories are Little Monkeys (grades 1-2) and Junior Monkeys (grades 3-4). The weekly winners are drawn from the ten most active classes from both categories, one from each category.

Once the competition has started, a Hall of Fame list, where classes can see their position in the competition, will be published on this page.

Main Prize

Hall of Fame will show the weekly position and also the positions of the classes during the whole competition. After the competition time has ended, the ten classes which have collected the most points will go to the finals! The main prize will be drawn among the finalists. In addition, the three classes with the most points in both categories will win a 10Monkeys Math World licence for the whole school!  


Number Rumble is organized by the Finnish learning game company

Winner of Number Rumble 2019

The winner of the main prize of Number Rumble 2019 was West Royalty Elementary School, 3A, Charlottetown.

What others think

"It's a wonderful program that makes math fun. I have seen a change in a lot of my kids who were not interested in math. They love playing the game and getting points. It's a wonderful way to add more math practice into your classroom."


from Number Rumble's survey

"I really like the program because the activities are in line with the curriculum and the students enjoyed playing the games."


from Number Rumble's survey

"My students were engaged the entire time, and enjoyed the competitiveness of the point system."


from Number Rumble's survey

"The graphics are really cute, and the content matches almost perfectly and is differentiated enough for everyone in my class."


from Number Rumble's survey






Hawthorne Village Public School, 1/2-1, Milton

Khalsa school, GRADE 4, Malton


Dasmesh School, 2 A, Winnipeg

Académie Providence, 4, Providence


Rose Valley Elementary, RVE2, West Kelowna

WL McLeod, 3FI 2020, Vanderhoof


Port Royal Public School, 2, Port Royal

St Alcuin College for the Liberal Arts, 4, North Vancouver


Calgary Jewish Academy, 2A, Calgary

St. Emile School, 4M, Winnipeg


A. B. Ellis Public School, prior2, Espanola

R.H. Murray, Grade 4, Whitefish

The winners will be contacted personally.

Support and FAQ


During the competition the schools get to use 10Monkeys Math World learning program for free during weekdays between 7 am - 2 pm.

All teachers in the same school use the same main user account and can create personal accounts for their students.

By playing 10Monkeys Math World, children collect points. The classes can follow their positioning in the Hall of Fame, which can be found on this website after the competition has started. 

The schools can also buy a full licence to 10Monkeys Math World, which allows the children to play at home outside of school hours. Please note that only points collected during weekdays between 7 am - 2 pm are counted in the Number Rumble competition.

Do you have questions? Please visit our support page for teachers.


During the competition the schools get to use 10Monkeys Math World learning program for free during weekdays between 7 am - 2 pm.

Parents have the opportunity to buy a 10Monkeys Math World home licence for the child's existing school account.

Parents can get the username and password for the child's existing account from the child or from the class teacher. Please note that only points collected during school hours 7 am - 2 pm are counted in the competition.

Do you have questions? Please visit our support page for parents.